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3 years

So...December 22 was our 3 year anniversary. Which I was reminded of every half hour by Mike yelling "Happy anniversary!" or "Happy Mike-n-Penny-versary!" We went to our favorite restaurant, Seasons, but this time we brought company. (In advance, sorry for the pictures...I had to lighten them up a bit cuz Seasons has mood-type lighting. And I hate using the flash in restaurants.)

Mr. & Mrs. L.

Yay! It's Ben & Kat!

Mr. & Mrs. B.

Yay! Me and Mike!
We had our standard fare, the center cut sirloin with garlic mashed potatoes, onion strings, and broccoli. (Their broccoli is soooo good...*drool*) Only this time, we bought a bottle of wine. It was a little, um, pricey, but there were two things that kinda jumped out at the geologists.
1) Its name, Earthquake Petite Sirah
2) Its description.

Earthquake Petite Sirah-Lodi 2004
This wine lurks in back alley shadows and wears a trench coat. It tempts you: voluptuous body, all purple and fat. It seduces you: slinky blackberry and blueberry flavors gyrate around smoky notes of mocha, coconut, and meaty spices. It hooks you: the tannins are creamy--the finish is long...and satisfying. All you need now is our blue cheese crusted beef filet.


Oh yes. That is a seismogram on the bottle. Our teeth were all purple for a while, and the wine was very sedimenty, but it was good. Ordering from a wine book (not a wine list, a wine book) is fun!

Liberty blue

Okay, I owe you