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Liberty blue

Don't you hate it when you look at some of the pictures you took, and only then do you realize how dirty your house is? I know most of my house is dirty...that's why I went to take pictures in the office...but man, it's not much better. The flash really shows off the kitty litter in the carpet.

I don't usually like to show off gifts that people give me...it seems kinda pretentious. But sometimes, what you get is so awesome you have to share.

Mike's family got me a super duper enameled, 5 qt cast iron pot. This thing weighs fourteen pounds, and is the prettiest shade of blue you ever did see. I really think I should have squealed when I opened the box, but I was so blown away by this pot that I had a much more subdued reaction. I certainly got all squeal-ly about it last night. I bought some frozen peaches a while back with the express purpose of making a peach cobbler at some point. Most of my baking dishes are a) dirty, or b) in the fridge. And I didn't feel like doing the dishes. Hell, I never feel like doing the dishes. So I looked up the pot to see if it was oven safe (it's EVERYTHING safe!) in addition to being gorgeous. It and my red mixer are my two favorite kitchen things.


Look at the lines on that handle! I love swirlies and swoopies!

*sniff sniff*

It's Jino approved!


No, you can't fit a cat in it. Not my cat, anyways. She's at least 6 quarts.


I know at least two people who are going to want to use this picture as a desktop wallpaper, so here's the high res version. Okay, I'm going to go back to worrying about the car...the check engine light came on last week, and I dropped it off this morning. Now I am anxiously waiting for the shop to call. Good thing I'm doing data entry, otherwise I would have no fingernails about now. Or maybe I'll obsess about the peach cobbler I brought for lunch...yeah, that sounds like more fun.

Episcopalian chiffon

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