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Pretty dresses

I went shopping for pretty dresses yesterday, for the September wedding I'm in. I really dread going into David's Bridal, but once I'm trying on all these gorgeous dresses, it goes away. I did my research on the web for days before, so I had a list of ones I wanted to try. When our helper dude started finding them, they were either on the opposite extremes of my size, or they weren't there. (Especially the cheap ones.) The guy grabbed this beautiful purple dress that had a similar fit to another one I liked...I saw it and my heart kinda sank. I can't try that on, I thought. It's purple, and it's pretty, and I'll want it. Thank goodness I don't have to order the dress right away, so I can save up and get it. Kat (the bride) saw it and told me that I had to get it. So I will have two absolutely beautiful dresses this year. (This picture really does not show how pretty the embroidery is, or that there's a bit of openwork. I'm in love with a dress. *sigh*)


I was kind of dreaming about this bag to go with. I like the one she has in the picture, too.


And and and...in three weeks I will be flying to Houston for a bridal shower, and about three weeks after that I get to be in a very classy and awesome wedding. Now I just need to learn to dance. :)

Yes! I'm knitting!

Itchy and scratchy