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Yes! I'm knitting!

I bet you've given up on my knitting. What with the quilting, and I've picked up cross stitch again...I've been kinda knitting. Wire knitting! Woo! Something to do with my pretty beads! Sorry it's blurry. I'll get better pictures later when the sun is not hiding behind a cloud and the cat isn't running up and down the couch.

purple velvet

easy bein' green

sugar blue

This is so much fun. And easy. (Once you figure out what gauge wire to use. What a pain. For future reference, it's 30.)
I used druks, swarovski crystal (my favorite!) and swarovski pearls. And I'm wearing the green one today.

*Edited to add: Here's the headband I'll be wearing to wedding #1. I might restring it with white freshwater pearls for wedding #2. Hair fixing options are few and far between when you're as girly as I am, and your hair is short. I ordered it from Tradewind Tiaras.


Guilty pleasures

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