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Yup. Still kickin'

So, as you may or may not have been able to tell, I've been doing the Cymbalta to Wellbutrin changeover. My favorite side effects of Cymbalta withdrawal?
1. Throwing up in the Smith's parking lot.
2. Headaches galore.
3. The inability to stop crying. I swear, I watched a commercial that was completely non-emotional, like a car commercial or something, and got all teary. While I was doing the laundry I got teary like that FIVE TIMES. No, I'm not pregnant. Shut up.

If you add on top of that my fabulous, glamourous career as a substitute teacher, and some of the worst classes I've taught, it was a week. There was a rude guy at Walmart being sarcastic to one of my friends, and that was it. I stuck my tongue out at his back, but man, I wanted to shake him or someone until I got my week back.

But! I was productive! My house is a mess, but I finished the top for the baby quilt!


Here's a close up of some of the fabric I used.(I like how the beetle looks like he's peeking in. And notice the slick looking satin stitch. Say it with me: Oooooh." And my favorite block? Miss Snail. Everyone likes Mr. Catepillar, but I like the ladybug and snail better. The snail beats out the ladybug 'cuz I'm not good at stitching those little dots on.

And knitting? Yes, I'm knitting. Birch is coming along just fine, thanks. I got the prettiest yarn to make a scarf out of...I love the purple and green, but how it's brown, and it doesn't look funny.


Oh! And I checked out Oddball Knitting from the library, and I love it! I want to make all the scarves in it!

Tagged. I'm it!