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I survived April 2006!

Yeah, I know, it's almost half over, but the parts that I was the most concerned about are over.
And today, I subbed for preschool (5 year olds) for a full day, and then we filed our taxes! We took a field trip to the local elementary school (where the preschoolers toured kindergarten, where they will
start school this fall) and I rode the short bus. Twice. And it had seat belts. And a bus driver named Dan.

When I was a kid, Dan drove us to Science Olympiad and Odyssey of the Mind events. He was the father of one of my peers. I haven't known a bus driver named Dan since middle school/high school, until now. I was really sad when I found out he passed away. And in memory of Dan Z., I sang the Dan song to the new Dan. It goes-

Dan, oh Dan
The bus driver man
In the front seat
All day, and all of the night

We had lunch in the cafeteria (tortilla burgers, yum!) and the kids got grossed out because I ate my tomato. Not because I ate the school food, but because I put my tomato on it. And lettuce, too. Eeeew! The really cool part of lunch was the rootbeer flavored milk. Waay better than chocolate milk. And I don't know where to get it besides the elementary school! That's my new obsession, finding root beer milk and making everyone love it, like Firefly. Can't stop the signal.

If you find root beer milk, you must take a picture and send it to me. I will make a "Root Beer Milk" album in my gallery. Hey, did you guys notice my new gallery? It's in the list on the left sidebar...it's got
all my pictures centralized and comment-ized. Much thanks to Ben, who had the hookup.

I'm off to try this root beer 'n cream recipe. I found on the Stewart's Beverages website. I'm so glad there was a sale at Smith's tonight. (On EVERYTHING. 4-12 packs of Pepsi or Coke for $10, and on top of that, buy 4 and get the 5th 12 pack free. And these giant bricks of cheese (2 lbs) for $4 a pop. I bought 5 -12 packs and 4 pounds of cheese. How's that for a week's worth of food?)

Edted to add: Let's change it from a Root Beer Milk album to a flavored milk album. I wanna hear about this peach, mango, coffee, cappuccino, black raspberry and blueberry flavored milk. Strawberry and chocolate need not apply. We tried the Root Beer 'n Cream recipe, and it's not bad. I prefer it a little more rootbeer-y, so my version of the recipe is:
3 oz rootbeer
6 oz milk

Mike loved it.

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