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How to clean out your refrigerator

Last Sunday, our fridge kicked it. Not completely, but cranked up to the coldest setting, it was barely staying coldish. Since we knew we'd be out of town this past weekend, we decided buying groceries for a dying refrigerator would be a useless gesture. Today, the landlady came over to measure our fridge space so we could get a new one (yay!) So I cleaned out the fridge. Eeew. I saw things that turned that shouldn't have. It was pretty gross.

And look at the glory that is the new fridge! A door with more usable space! (Enough room to fit two liter bottles of soda! Ooooh) No more in door egg storage! (The shelf was molded to hold eggs. In the door. The warmest part of the fridge. Dorks.) Look at that crisper! And a meat drawer! It's deeper and taller than the dead fridge. The crisper drawers didn't work on that one because they were holding up the bottom shelf. We went to the store last night, and I thought we got a lot of stuff to fill the fridge, and we didn't put a dent in it. Even with the leftover quiche.

And, in case you were wondering, yes, I am knitting. Airplane and driving time in Houston makes for lots of knitting time.


It's the Jaywalker pattern (I don't think I can get bored doing this pattern) in the purple sock yarn my SP sent me. I forgot who makes it, and can't find the little note that went with.

**Edited to add: Hey SP, I don't have your email address, so I'll talk to you here...I haven't gotten that last package/reveal, and I'm dying to find out who you are!

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