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Thin red panty line

I never knew, until a couple of people told me, that there is a better underwear world out here than Hanes and Vassarette. (Both available at Walmart, by the way.) Until a month ago, I have always purchased my underwear at $5 for 3 pairs, and my bras for $6. I've always hated the underwear...in one pack, even though advertised to be one size, they all fit differently. And they last three months, if you're lucky. The bras, I really liked them, but they stopped making the ones I liked. So what did I do? I crossed the line into mall underwear. And. Oh. My. Goodness. Not only can you get awesome designs, and colors like orange and yellow and green, but they all fit exactly the same. And they don't crawl up your butt. Really! I didn't know the infinite possibilities available with *real* underwear! And then, I purchased some Victoria's Secret bras. Holy. Crap. To quote my mum, it was quite an "uplifing" experience. And! And! It gets better! If you hit the semi-annual sales, the prices aren't that much different from ghetto bras!

In other news, no job yet, and the community college is going to cancel my knitting class because I don't have enough students. They have decided that if there aren't 10 students in each class, then the CC can't make enough money to cover things like instructor's benefits (this is exacly what the director told me.) The funny thing is, they don't give the instructors benefits, and most classes can barely hit the 4 students mark! Grrr! But instead of focusing on crappiness, I'm going to think about my underwear. You may too, if you also need cheering up.

Escape velocity

Catching up