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Escape velocity

Hey kids!
Haven't been feeling up to snuff lately...I have a sinus infection, which leads to FUN-tastic super antibiotics, and we all know the fun benefits of those, besides having to swallow those stupid horse pills. So, when my head doesn't hurt, my stomach does, but I still love plain yogurt. Especially with honey and nuts.

In the midst of Misery Central, Mike and I have made a few decisions.
a) We're leaving Socorro,
b) we're LEAVING Socorro,
c) WE'RE LEAVING Socorro, and oh yeah,

We started applying for jobs, (I'm in for two geology ones right now), I started looking for apartments...and some furniture for those apartments, and looking at what's closest to those apartments...I put
in Kat & Ben's zipcode, just to see what we could find, and viola! REALLY nice apartments that will let me keep the cat, 4.2 miles away from Kat & Ben, 1.2 miles away from a Papa John's (we don't have
one of those in Suck-orro), a hop away from our favorite places in Albuquerque, where they have all the stores and everything we could ever want, kind of like a little city inside the city. We're talking Target, the nicest mall in town, Hobby Lobby, Joann's Fabrics, nearly any store you could name. And restaurant too.

Ooo! Oooo! In the apartments, there are
1) washing machines,
2) dryers
3) bathtubs!!!
4) dishwashers!
in every unit! And! we could get TV reception with just a regular TV antenna! I don't know why, but that just doesn't work in this apartment. It would be an upgrade of 360+ feet!! With a little patio! And a dishwasher! Did I say dishwasher? I don't care! I'll say it again! Dishwasher!

It feels so good to be all hopeful, and I feel more grownup, and we'd be trading the boxcar for a nice sleeper car. We'd move up an income bracket or two, and be able to buy our own furniture. Oh!! And pay off student loans! More than the minimum payment, every time! We might sit on plastic lawn chairs for a while, but we have a bed, bookcases, a coffee table and a desk! We don't need anything else! We'll have a dishwasher!!


Thin red panty line