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Hot & excited

It's amazing how 18% humidity is the difference between sanity and sweating my brain out through my pores. I want my dry heat back!!Please! Pretty please! I'm sick of having to put ice packs on my neck
and wrists in order to be minorly comfortable.

I was doing laundry today (7 double loaders! Whew!) when I suddenly realized...oh no, I don't know what to wear to visit the Yarnharlot! Her book tour is coming through Albuquerque tomorrow...oh, and we're
leaving at 12:30. The weaver/knitter/fiber artist of all trades Sally (from the comments) is picking me up, and I think we're going straight to Village Wools. One of the VWool ladies knows Sally really well...maybe we can get "invited" (aka, beg and plead to let us come) to dinner with the Stephanie P-M. And if Stephanie J shows up, I think I'd cry. She's in Germany, so I'll be okay...but since we're moving to ABQ, I have a higher chance of seeing her, since that will be my yarn shop of choice. It's bad enough I couldn't think of anything to say when we went looking at apartments on Saturday, and now we're going to see a celebrity, and I think I might end up peeing my pants from excitement. Actually, it's closer to having this stupid look of glee on my face that won't come off, and it's nearly as bad. I keep fantasizing that she'll let me hold her sock, or I could get my picture taken with her, or she would recognize me from commenting on her blog. And then we'd go to dinner, and she'd try green chile something-or-other, and love it. Then she would have to keep in touch with me to order it bi-monthly. Hey, it's MY fantasy, right?

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