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Princess of the dorks

My day was great! I got an ice cream maker attachment for my mixer in the mail, TMobile Recruiting called, and Sally and I went to see the Yarnharlot!


She's so nice, she got up out of her chair to let me get my picture taken with her. She said she's boring, but I beg to differ. Maybe because I'm boring, dim, and archaic too! Going through my head right that moment? "Don't be a dork!"


I love taking picture of people taking pictures!

After Sally and I left the JCC, I called Mike immediately, because I needed someone to geek out to! He was a little confused at why I was so excited to hold a sock, but once I got home and showed him the sock's tour of the US, I think he got the idea.

After seeing the Harlot, (and being crowned the Princess of the Dorks...my crown is a pair of Princess Leia super buns) I'm thinking working at a call center wouldn't be half bad. Especially if they let me take my knitting. I could get so many socks knit that way!

Mum sent me the mixer attachment for graduation (like I need ice cream), and so for an hour this morning (good distraction, so that I didn't start walking to Albuquerque out of sheer excitement) I looked up ice cream recipes for an hour. I remembered that Supereggplant had made matcha ice cream, and we had it at Azuma once. Knowing that Sally wanted to go to Trader Joe's, I called up and asked if they carried matcha powder. And they had 2 oz jars of Instant Green Tea for $3. So we're trying the green tea ice cream tomorrow! And not that sissy, mix in with melted vanilla ice cream recipe, either. Don't worry, it will all be documented. I love taking pictures of food. Other things we bought at Trader Joe's: pita chips, Ritter Hazelnut chocolate, and 3 bottles of 3 buck Chuck for my honey.


You can't go to Abuquerque without going to Target, right? I found the prettiest dishes! I found these "dipping bowls" for $2/apiece, and since my shirt was that color tonight, I couldn't resist. I did resist buying a whole set, including rice bowls. I love rice bowls! I made one for my sister when I was in high school. Didn't look this shiny, though.

(By the way, the Gemologist job fell through. No bags of diamonds on my desk!)

Obi Wan Teanobi

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