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Good mail day

I ordered the matcha Friday at noon, and it was in my mailbox this afternoon. Regular post. And yes, I am that silly, that is a Obi Wan toy sitting on the bag. I can hear you guys groaning!


As post neighbors, it had two (2) knitting magazines! Woo!!

cool mail

I have a little something to say about Vogue...used to be, there we some good knitting patterns in there. Now it seems like it's only good for a laugh. Hobo chic? What's next, bag lady chic? Dumpster diving chic? Puh-lease. And I think they find the only people in the whole world who would look good in these get ups. I might have to skip over this one for a year and get Spin Off instead. My subscriptions just expired.
But! Interweave Knits! How do I love thee? Let me count the ways! Lace, lace tips, a new shawl pattern.
*sigh* Swallowtail. I'd better finish up my Flowerbasket fast so I can start Swallowtail. And my eight million other shawl patterns I have been collecting.


On the ice cream front...cinnamon ice cream is awesome! But, a word of caution. For any custard style ice creams, where you have to scald the milk before putting it in the maker, stick it in the fridge to get completely cold first. Room temperature is not cold enough, and your cold (be it from ice or a frozen bowl) will get warm and your ice cream won't look any thicker. And after may trips to the freezer and back to the mixer, it'll be doable, and still yummy, but a little grainy from your ice crystals. Those little blue bowls from two posts back are the perfect size for a (1/2 cup size) serving of ice cream.

Worse than the first day of school

Obi Wan Teanobi