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Obi Wan Teanobi

I tried making matcha ice cream yesterday! With Instant Green Tea Powder. Let me just say, that's not matcha. First of all, it's brown. Matcha is ALWAYS green.
"The way to distinguish the quality of a matcha and Green tea powder is by its color. The more vivid and greener the color is, the higher quality and fresher it is." So if mine was brown, yuck on all counts. For ice cream, anyways. While I was mixing the ice cream, I looked around on the interweb and found this awesome site...Teanobi! (The added benefit is that you can use it as Obi Wan's last name. So. Geeking. Cool.) Anyways, the price (way) is right, and look at the descriptions! "Specially blended to remain flavorful after undergoing freezing cold temperatures such as ice cream or smoothies." Extra awesome! And they have baking matcha (Believe me, I'm making a matcha cake at some point), and just wow!

So, please back away from the instant green tea powder if you want to make matcha ice cream. And if your ice cream batter looks like this, your ice cream is going to be kind of tasteless. Which can be fixed with chocolate syrup.
Note: I added the green food coloring, since I knew it wasn't going to turn green by itself.

not a good sign

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