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Waiting waiting waiting

Waiting for a job, waiting for B & K's wedding pictures (professional!) to show up online....I guess that's only two waitings, but it still seems interminable.

I started an Etsy shop. Sandy, it's all your fault! You really should check out Etsy...it's so cool...it's like eBay, only it's 100% handmade stuff, and there's no bidding. Also, you can request specially made items from specific people. It has every craft imaginable. My stuff is mostly jewelry and knitting needles...but check out this guy.
I'm super proud of him. Too lazy to click on the link? Fine, I'll post a picture.


I started on my next masterpiece...fifth for this year, if you count my two shawls, quilt, and cross stitch. Flowery feather and fan. From Meg Swanson's A Gathering of Lace. Poor Miss Finch did one in red. Mine's going to be purple. Oh, and it's almost cool enough to start back up on my Rogue. Woo!

triple f

Cool biology word of the day

KC Marie's first car!