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Cool biology word of the day

Is there something in the growing up handbook that says when you hit 310 months old, your taste buds go all apoptosis on you? (apoptosis=programmed cell death)

I made golden puffs two nights ago, and I didn't like them. I've always liked them! They're one of my comfort foods! Golden puffs are yummy nutmeggy bits of dough deep fat fried and then rolled in cinnamon sugar. I ate a lot, just to be sure I didn't like them. And I kept going back, to be positive, you know? All I want to eat now is green chile dip with Ruffles and ocean water (coconut sprite...to-die-for.) Everything else just tastes so...blah. Oh! And onion rings from Blake's Lotaburger.

Still no wedding pictures posted, and still no phone calls from the people who have my resumes...although, Mike submitted on Sunday morning, and got a phone call for an interview today. That's less than four days, people! And he's applied for 2 jobs! Gotten interviews for both! (I haven't knit all day, starting to get tense, can you tell?)

So, I started the amigurumi thing. And decided that I needed to buy eyes! Lots of eyes!

the eyes have it

And I started thinking. I have 8 stuffed animals that are my kids. Can you imagine the horror, if I left them out on the coffe table just before they decided to play? Picture yourself, going to the living room one day, and finding the parts for another child! Oh, the humanity!

Honey I'm gonna make it out alive

Waiting waiting waiting