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How can you not obsess?

Long time, no post! And no good reason, either. I guess procrastinating on the most horrible knitting project ever does not include blogging. Or doing dishes. Or laundry. When I was jobless, I took on a knitting project for this lady I'm friends with. Somehow, I got talked into knitting a double knit pair of slipper socks for a guy with feet 10" around and 12" long. On size 3 needles. DOUBLE KNIT! And I can't knit 1, slip 1 around, then slip1 purl 1, no, I insisted that their be a nice pattern on the instep. It takes ~20 minutes to do a round. I started at the beginning of November, thinking I'd have time to get them done before Christmas. Ha! I'm only halfway down the foot on sock #1!! Maybe if I didn't have a job, I could have done it...I tried to weasel out, but she really wants these for her hubby, so my deadline has been extended to June. This has been putting a serious cramp in all my craftiness, since I've limited myself to knitting just that. And no sewing, or polymer claying, or crocheting (I need to make amigurumi sushi soooo bad....) So I've decided to do a rewards type program. Instead of eliminating all other knitting, If I knit a row on the sock things, I can knit a row on whatever else I'm in the mood for. Dishcloths, lately. Socks, too. Oh! And my lace! (Can open! Worms everywhere!)

I have this strange thing...I obsess. A lot. When I'm at work, the only thing I can do to keep me from falling asleep, snatching my eyebrows bald, or going just plain insane, is to obsess. Sometimes it will be silly things...and very rarely it will be serious. Lately it has been BENTO BOXES!! Olay, that first link is pretty informative, but it doesn't show you how freakin' cool a bento lunch is. Start your clickers!

This lady does a bunch of themed bentos.
BentoTV: a video blog, and every weekday (more or less) the site owner has a video of something you can do for a bento lunch.
Cooking Cute has all kinds of stuff...a picture gallery, hints, recipes, etc.
My Lunch Can Beat Up Your Lunch has tons of pictures and recipes.

And there are so many things you can buy to make your bento lunch awesome. Egg molds (I saw the girl on BentoTV one, and I squealed! I'm trying so hard not to spend $15 to have one sent from Japan...it's Hello Kitty. How can you not?) I already bought a rice mold, since who doesn't want heart or star shaped onigiri? (Onigiri is a ball of sushi rice, sometimes with a filling. I love sushi rice, I think it's the rice vinegar you put in. Yum!)

And don't even get me started on bento boxes. Just look at this girl's collection! Oh yes, that's all I need, more ideas! The more I look, the more I get sucked iin.

And yes, I have been spotted buying bento boxes.

I mean, how cool is that? The chopsticks snap in the lid, there's the bento belt to keep the box closed, side and sauce dishes, and a bag! $10! This is the start of a beautiful collection! Maybe one day, I'll even buy the, well, everything! Little soy sauce bottles shaped like fish! Wheeee!


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