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So. Our bento boxes came in today. And before I could do anything else, I had to rip open the (well wrapped) package and play!

When you go to my gallery (link at left) in the Food! folder, you'll find a new folder, Bentos! From now on, any bentos I make, or bento boxes I buy, or molds or accessories or anything like that, that's where pictures will pop up. For now, it's just pictures of the boxes and our first accessory, the mini onigiri mold. (Onigiri are rice balls.) My next, um, obsession, is egg molds. You get this mold, and you put a warm hard boiled egg in it. You snap down the lid, and put it in cold water....and you get an egg shaped like the mold! The nicest one I've seen is this one...the ice cream cone in the lower left of the box. It's colored with food coloring and a paint brush. Jessi said it best, "It's not food, it's art!" Of course, I hate eggs, HATE eggs, but I think I would eat them if they were shaped like Hello Kitty, or a heart or star or bear, or maybe an onigiri or ice cream cone or a flower. Yes, I forsee many awesomely themed bentos. Just you wait.

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