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Boo. Also, yay!

Balloon Fiesta was a bust (again.) Our event was canceled, so we didn't get to see the Vader balloon. Which all of a sudden made the "Sith Happens" shirt I was wearing very appropriate. But, we got to see Kat and Ben, and visit a bunch with the two ladies we brought up with us. We got our fair food (funnel cakes and Tom Thumb donuts) and some adorable hats.

Sorry I haven't posted for so long...I have been a busy busy girl. I have been planning one baby shower and knitting for two. (Yes! I am knitting! I just can't show you here, since the girls I'm making it for read the blog! But I'm sure if you dug around in my Flickr account long enough you could find some.)

Here is a link to a picture of the invitations I made: dinosaurs! And a link to the inspiration. I think I improved upon the design. I used brads to make the arm movable. I used punch-out alphabet squares (that came with the scrap booking paper I used to cut them out of) cut on the diagonal for the scales. And you have to have googlie eyes. Every dinosaur is different...different patterns on the paper, scale placement was random. Everyone that has seen them thinks they're great.

Also...my little brother is visiting! On Sunday, we took him straight from the airport to Tai Lin, the world market in Albuquerque. I'd been to it once before, but didn't have a lot of time to browse. Every time we hit an oriental aisle, Andy would voice his disappointment that there wasn't any ramen! Until we got to the General aisle, and it was nothing but noodles. It was next to the tea section. Ho boy. We bought gobs of ramen, some lychee flavored products (cuz I didn't know what lychee tasted like), some frozen bao (We really didn't make fresh bao), two daifuku (eew, mugwort, but the pink one was okay)...and a bunch of other things. Ooh! Curry paste packets and curry ramen noodles. And umeboshi! I keep seeing them in bento boxes, and I still haven't tried one...I'll get back to you on that. I also found...MAMENORI! I was so excited I showed Andy and Mike several times each.

Andy leaves on the 21st, and I go to Houston on the 26th...so you probably won't get an entry from me until I get back from Houston. Where I plan to pick up lots of bento things. And I plan to show them to you.

One last thing...my brother hadn't seen lolcats until Tuesday night. We showed him the I can has cheezburger one, and he laughed so hard and for so long I was a little afraid he'd quit breathing. I think it's because the cat looks so eager it looks a bit retarded. Probably the same look I get when I find mamenori at the store. We found him the lolcats blog, and he looked at that (and laughed) for hours. Mike found some more last night, and he and Andy laughed even more. There may not be anything funnier than cats with bad grammar. Except for the ones with good grammar that make fun of the others.

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