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Experimenting with physics

When we went to the World Market on Sunday after my brother flew in, I found a really cute thermos for my mom. We like crayons. Crayolas specifically, but yeah. (I had a Crayola lunch bag in 1st grade. I used that thing until it fell apart. It was red.)

When we went to the National Atomic Museum on The Saturday following, I was looking for souvenirs for my mum and sister. (My sister got a squishy glow in the dark brain.) I found a finger puppet of Schroedinger's cat. He was hanging out next to Pavlov's dog. We have a big thing for puppets, too. (Especially the Muppets.) Mike and I trying to explain Schroedinger's experiment to Andy. That's when I had a brilliant idea...we could reenact the experiment with mom's souvenirs! And it would be the awesomest, cleverest gift ever!

The cat modeling with its box. We then put the cat in the thermos with the necessary apparatus (forgot to take a picture of that, sorry) and then performed the experiment. 

Unfortunately, the cat reverted to its finger puppet state when we opened the thermos. Sorry for collapsing your wave functions, little guy.

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Dinosaurs for the win!

Boo. Also, yay!