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Dinosaurs for the win!

Baby shower was great! I have four pictures since I hosted. (It's hard to entertain 20 guys and gals and take pictures, yo. I will let you know when I post them.) For now, you can go here and see the things I made for it. And see Kat decapitate a dinosaur cake.

Also, just in time for the holidays (a.k.a., dry skin season) I have a fantastic viral rash. That has mild cold symptoms, and can last for 3 months. Red spots from my neck to knees, baby. Think mosquito bites. They itch like that. Uncontagious, btw. Sexy, no?

In good LOLcat tradition: WANT! That is seriously the coolest hobby related jewelry I have ever seen. I might need to buy my self some rash consolation earrings.

(Added 28 March 2013, during the course of blog migration: I still don't own a pair of these. Dammit. What is wrong with me??)

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