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Movin' on up!

Good news, everybody! Mike got a job offer! Whee! We'll still be staying in town, and he'll even work in the same building. But!! He gets to move down the hall and around the corner to his own office (with a window!!) and it's even bigger than the office he shares now. 20% raise, with 20% of the responsibility. And, he's encouraged to get his master's degree along with it. Tomorrow he gets to put in his notice. It's going to be an interesting day. I'm going to sign on permanent with the company that I've been temping with, too. So! For the first time in over a year, there's a bit of certainty with our future.

So we had a good weekend! Got to party with our friends on Friday, listened to a band called the Goatheads. They're from Albuquerque, and really good! I' never seen a band with two drummers. Took me a while to notice, too, what with the groovy grannie giving some guy a lap dance. (She was falling down drunk on the dance floor later in the night. Can you imagine being embarrassed by your grandma at a bar like that??) The lead singer/bass player was awesome. He could really go to town on the distortion pedal. It took me like an hour to remember what a distortion pedal was called...I was trying to call it a funk tool. I know a bass player that used one of those....but it's something else entirely that I can't tell you about, cuz this blog is rated P for "my parents read it." And if it's enough to make be blush and laugh, well, yeah. I can't believe I even remembered that.

So, to distract you, we have bento numero dos. Teriyaki chicken, plain onigiri, and a little fish full of soy sauce on your left. And on the right, a salad with grape tomatoes, cucumber flowers, and red bell pepper hearts. Heart shaped croutons to go with, and a container of jalapeño ranch salad dressing.



I didn't have enough room to fit the ono butter mochi in, but it wasn't finished cooling, and there wasn't enough room. But, the teriyaki...wow. I've honestly never had better. I used this recipe. Okay, I think it's nap time. Mike and Jino are already asleep, and my eyelids are getting heavy.


Bento numero uno