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I finished this sweater that I started a loooong time ago for my sister's doll. Yes, she's 24, and she has a doll. The first sweater went to my mom's doll. Well, my trustworthy, very quiet model Kirsten was packed away in her box, so I decided to use Red. Cuz earlier that day, Mike said, "Wouldn't that sweater fit Red?" It does, but she hates it. Ever seen a pissy Fraggle? Apparently, Icelandic wool is not good enough for her. Really, I don't blame her, I don't even like working with Lopi since it's so itchy. It's okay for Kirsten, though. What a trooper.


Well...that started a whole new project. Red's current shirt is pilling, since it's made from cheap materials. And I just happen to have the perfect color of red cotton yarn. Knitpicks Shine Sport in Cherry. It'll be really easy, since Red's shirt has the weird (stuffed?) equivalent of rolled hem, cuffs and collar.

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