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News and funny at 6

Old business: Mike got a new job, and I'm signing on permanent with the company I'm temping for.
New business: I'm getting a whole 'nother job! I get to be the assistant training manager! This company does first responder training for DHS. Kinda cool. If we play our cards right, we can be moving into a new house (one that we would be buying) in under a year.

One of Mike's (few and far between) job perks is that he had a Windows Vista license the same week it came out. So we got to try it out. I am so glad he has a work laptop, cuz that is not getting installed on any computer I use. Just to install iTunes, Mike was asked three (3) times if he would like to cancel or allow the download, install, etc. And when it does that cancel/allow thing, the whole screen dims and only the cancel/allow window is highlighted. Really obnoxious. Here, this Mac advertisement demonstrates the perpetual annoyance very well. Halfway down the page, the commercial on the far left. The surgery one is pretty funny, too.

You are coming to a sad realization. Cancel or allow?

Black hole theory, (alternate title: New Mexico sucks you back)

Give your nails a swirly