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Black hole theory, (alternate title: New Mexico sucks you back)

There is this theory that has been going around for ages that Socorro is a black hole. I know, when you're a teenager every town "sucks," but this place has a little more to it than that.

First, you're lured in with low tuition and a high quality education and/or lots of research opportunities. There's excellent geological formations, and the cost of living is quite affordable. Now that you're all settled, you'll live here for a while, with larger aspirations of moving to Washington or Idaho or even as far north as Albuquerque. But no, Socorro has other plans. If you can escape, it's only temporary. Mike and I were unable to make it as far as the even horizon. Our friends John & MA went to California so MA could do grad school. This weekend, we found out that they're moving back! And MA is going to be a professor! How cool is that?

We went to dinner with them, and then we dragged them to our house and got them addicted to the Wii. So. Much. Fun! They made their Miis, and played Wii Sports. Sometimes, it's much more entertaining to watch the person playing than the television screen.

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