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Casino Royale

We finally saw Casino Royale this weekend. Yes, we still call ourselves Bondies. But the reasons it took us so long to see it were listening to silly people, like Craig Ferguson. He has us convinced that James Bond didn't use gadgets in this movie. (They weren't plot line crutches in this movie, that's all.) From start to finish it was a great movie! First of all, the opening credits. Brilliant use of card suits, and thank you for the mathematical nod. (They used fractals! Yay!) It's a nice change from the naked dancing girls. Oh! And Chris Cornell! I remember listening to his debut single album (1999, after leaving Soundgarden) constantly when I started school. Cuz Kat had it playing constantly. I played the little preview bits on iTunes last night, and I need to buy that album!

Seeing how he became the double 0 that he is now was great. And Daniel Craig? Brilliant. After the whole Beowulf debacle, I think Gerard Butler wouldn't have been right. Looking back, I didn't post my rants about how awful Beowulf was...I might have to do that later. Maybe I'll do that on a day when I'm contemplating writing a post about our new toilet seat and my recent obsession with trouser socks. Maybe I'll talk about my burning desire to make lip balm, bath salts, and all things toiletry related.

How about movies coming out that I must see? There are so many, but as of now Stardust is taking the cake. Haven't seen a Harry Potter trailer yet. Oooh, and I'm waiting for the Prestige. I just put it to the head of my Netflix queue. Christian Bale. Uh huh uh huh. Jennifer says "Meet the Robinsons" looks good, but I haven't seen a trailer for that yet. Since we don't go to the movie or watch regular TV, we have no idea what movies are on where. Video game releases? That we can help you with.

I want to try Cooking Mama: Cook Off. Nice screen shots here. And Super Paper Mario.


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