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I'm such a follower. This swap sounds like fun, mostly because you get to try new things! And the cost isn't super prohibitive. I can afford it on my allowance! (Sometimes saving for a house is a little, um, okay, a lot hard, especially when someone tells you to go check out something like The Container Store. It's like walking into an office supply store. Be still, my beating heart.)

Pockets are a form of container, right? I got this really really really cool jacket at work...a 5.11 Tactical jacket. I guess it's technically a parka, but whatever. If you click on the "more views" link at the bottom of the picture, they illustrate all the really awesome features of this thing. There are two slash pockets on the sleeves, one really long pocket on the lower back (I call it the shotgun pocket), one on the upper back (for the ID flap to hide in), and there's an ID flap on the left breast pocket, and a badge holder on the right one. This coat has so many pockets (4 on the fleece liner, too) that it almost makes up for the conspiracy against women's slacks. Speaking of which...what's up with that? No pockets? Where am I supposed to keep my lip gloss? Cell phone? Keys? The rest of the stuff in my purse is kind of peripheral, what if I don't want to lug it around? I'd look pretty weird with key and cellphone lumps in my bra.

Yes, this was all a distraction so I don't talk about Battlestar Galactica(!!). Season finale was on Sunday, and we saw it on Wednesday. And I know people who read this blog that are so far behind that I would totally ruin the show for them. And they wouldn't get the crazy "What the hell?" feeling when the writers do something completely unexpected and really messed up. I s'pose I can say one thing without ruining anything...Jamie Bamber (Apollo) looks way better in a Viper than he does in a pinstripe suit. And I love pinstripe suits.

Stake and potatoes

Casino Royale