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Proof! I have been knitting!

I'm just to lazy to get out the camera and take a picture of anything.

I was digging through my favorite book, Victorian Lace Today by Jane Sowerby, and finally found the perfect use for my Brooks Brothers mohair acquired at the 2005 Taos S&W. And just yesterday, I got an email from Knitpicks with this as the subject.


Not knitted, but super cute, I made these this weekend:


They're from anapauloli's free pattern on Etsy. She writes great patterns...they're easy to follow, and turn out great. I bought her monsters under the bed pattern, and now I'm eyeballing the ice cream one. Anyways, I'm teaching Kat how to crochet cuz she wants to make cupcakes. I figured I better try out the pattern before subjecting her to it...some patterns are just awful to read. I was all distraught because I only have 5 skeins of acrylic yarn, and none of them are cupcakey. I did and didn't want to buy more yarn...yes more, but not acrylic. I walked around the house for 15 minutes trying to figure out what to do, and then I remembered: I have plain wool (Cascade 220 and Knitpicks WotA) in a bunch of colors! They're not much more cupcakey, but they're not black, either. So I'm making funky cupcakes! I'm going to sew the sprinkles on tonight. Now, I want to get more WotA, but...since I'm getting a new sewing machine this week, I'll do without for a while. Yay! Assuming UPS doesn't lose it, it should get here tomorrow. (I even got a purple case for it!) It's not super fancy schmancy, but it has the needle up/down button, and the top loading bobbin. And more bells and whistles than my current (but faithful) sewing machine. And we got it on S-A-L-E, so cheaper than list price. I can order a walking foot for it and so many other things...I am SO EXCITED I might pee my pants. I'll keep you updated.

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