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Mini temper tatrum

Egypt and Jessi are coming to visit on Sunday! I am very excited. So excited, in fact, that I have this biggish sushi party! I ordered a set of chopsticks, some fabric to make napkins, a set of little dipping dishes cuz we don't have anything to put the soy sauce in, and some plates to match. I bought a stripey tray that kind of matches the chopsticks, and some adzuki (red) beans so that I can make adzuki paste for ichigo daifuku. We're even cleaning up the kitchen so that we can use the dining table. I have a menu all planned out. We're going to have miso soup, and edamame (assuming I can find any in this craphole), then it's all maki from there: a Philly roll, Godzilla roll, Beyond the Sea roll, Crunchy Shrimp roll, and Crazy California roll. All picked up from Sushi Day. Lots of, um, interesting sushi there, like flank steak maki, eel kiwi maki, fiesta roll (a.k.a., seaweed wrapped burrito), bacon wrapped asparagus, bacon cheese maki (cheese in sushi? eeeew!), monkey maki (bananas and mayo), devilled egg, steak and potato, BLT, and Thanksgiving leftovers.

Since we signed up for Amazon Prime, I've been really curious how they could afford to send us everything by 2 day mail at no charge. Until today, it didn't really make sense. Sure, Mike and I reasoned that since we get free shipping there with our membership, we buy more stuff there. It's cheaper than driving to ABQ to a bookstore, esp. since gas prices are so obnoxious. It became glaringly obvious this morning when the melamine dishes I ordered from Crate and Barrel last THURSDAY shipped TODAY and will not get here until MONDAY, the day after I need them. I stomped my feet and thought "I should have gotten them at Amazon!" They ship that day or the next, there's no foot dragging. Even though the ones at C&B were cute, and cheap, I now wish I paid the little bit more and gone with Amazon. (Not much of a tantrum, I know, but that's as good as it gets around here.)

Let me give you an example of how messed up some of these shipping costs are. I wanted to get some adzuki beans. After much internet digging, I started to find some here and there. At one place, a 1 lb. bag was $3. Great, I thought, since I don't need very much and don't want to spend gobs of money. But when I looked at shipping ($9!!!) I closed that tab pretty quick. And started to dig on Amazon. I bought 6 lbs of beans for $8. No shipping. I just got more than I really need, but hey, I'll share the adzuki love, or make gobs of daifuku.

This is what I'm making the napkins out of. I don't obsess too much, do I?

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