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Movie issues

We went and saw Spiderman 3 yesterday. Our movie tickets went up to $6
(catastrophe!) and I learned something new about the theatre. I had to
use the restroom before we left, and to my surprise...there are two
very small stalls with very little outside walking space, and one of
the stalls has a shower curtain for the door. A. Shower. Curtain. What
are our movie tickets paying for? Improvements? *snort*

Movie was great! I'm used to super young kid Topher Grace, so I was
skeptical when I heard he would play Venom, but damn! He's pretty good.
Especially with the Venom teeth. What is it about pointy teeth?

The whole Sandman thing was kind of ridiculous. First of all, the
scientists apparently spent more time putting on their makeup than
paying attention in science class, because the difference in silica
content between a bird and a buff guy? VERY DIFFERENT. Also, if it is a
change in silica, that means they were zapping silica sand, WHICH WOULD
NOT BE ANGULAR. If you're going to do a sand closeup, get it right!
Probably would have been easier to model, too. True, this isn't as bad
a geology faux pas as spinning out your tires on molten lava (Dante's
Peak)...but hey, gotta have something to blog about, right?

Mini temper tatrum

If all the world is a stage, I'm on another planet