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Aren't made for walking

Okay, before I get started, you need to go here. I'll wait.

I can't believe how completely awesome those cupcakes are. I would have a hard time eating them, since they're so cute. Maybe I'd take off the cute marzipan bits, wolf down a couple of cupcakes, and gaze lovingly at the decorations a bit more before I inhale those, too.

I finished a pair of baby Uggs last night!

Uggie 1
Uggie 2

I knit the larger size (purely by accident, I was in a rush to get out of the house with my new project on Friday and just grabbed the 5's and 6's.) I used the same color on the bottom as on the top, cuz who wants to spend money on another ball of yarn that you only use a tiny bit of?

In other news, you should go see Robot Chicken's tribute to Star Wars. I dare you not to laugh.


On the rain slick precipice of baby knitting