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On the rain slick precipice of baby knitting

I was documenting my stash last night for Ravelry, and I realized that my yarn is non-baby friendly. It's all non-machine washable wool! I won't give anyone something non-machine washable for their baby...that guarantees ruination on all counts. What is the solution? BUY MORE YARN! I'm eyeballing all of the Knitpicks Shine line (worsted and sport) and thinking I might need a skein of every color. Good thing it's only $2.50 a ball.

I ordered the EZ Baby Surprise Jacket pattern from Schoolhouse Press, I am definitely making one of those. Oh, and I broke my 6 day knitting monogamy...so that I could start a pair of baby booties. But maybe those don't count, since they're so small. I have Ugg bootie fever, and I found my fruit hats pattern again. These babies are going to be born late Jan/early Feb, so I must knit them warm things.

So far I am resisting the siren call of more baby knitting books, and the more expensive yarns...but really, it's only a matter of time. It doesn't help that everyone seems to LOVE denim yarn so much...but to hold me over, I bought two skeins of Berroco Suede and one of Berroco Plush. Oh yes, I am making the Uggs. Probably several pairs. I bought it in Wrangler and Sangria.

Wrangler Sangria

Regular colored Uggs are so passe. (I had to really put myself in check and not buy the lime green, orange and hot pink.) Picture is ganked from the DIY pattern here.


Red is sure to follow. I might need to make a purple pair for KC Marie, too.

Aren't made for walking

This is what happens when you have funding backed by Paul Allen and Bill Gates.