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Talk to the hand you must

This is what happens when I get a bit bored at work.
Fabric to drool over
box bag

All of this is extra dangerous, since the local (very nice) fabric store is gong out of business, 50% from now until the 30th! She also has Clover knitting needles! If I would have found this out before I paid for my dental work, I would have waited a bit.

new scarf i must make have to buy book first, then the yarn...

Did anyone record Star Wars: Legacy of the Force from the History Channel on Memorial Day? I don't particularly feel like watching it in six minutes increments on Youtube. Even though I didn't get anything done for about 2 weeks this month because I was catching up on the Legacy of the Force books, I still feel like a crappy Star Wars geek. I guess a lot of that comes from listening to the Celebration IV podcasts from theforce.net, and really feeling like I was missing something. Of maybe I'm just tired and wishing my mouth would decide if it hurts or not.

Since laughter is the best medicine, and these are my favorite fan films, you should go check out Pink 5. Return of Pink 5 Volume 2 is out, and funnier than all get out. Yoda talking like a valley girl never gets old.

Cupcakes cupcakes cupcakes

It's all down hill from here