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The camera is dead, long live the camera

I was trying to catch up on my knitting pictures so I could update my Ravelry Projects page...and my trusty old Canon kucked the bicket.
Since it was a wedding present from Mike's brothers, and it's taken pictures at 5 of my friends' weddings...I'm kind of attached to it. I wish it was just a matter of the LCD dying...but no, it's dead. And the timing isn't that great, what with the house buying, and two different sets of friends coming to town this week.

Speaking of house...the purchase agreement has been filed with the title company, and we're doing bank paperwork signing tomorrow! Yay! Amazingly enough, I am not dreaming. Things just keep working out! Okay, I have to go research cameras. Maybe I can find a pretty purple one...

I wish every nurse was as good as my sister

There be pirate parachute packs!