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I wish every nurse was as good as my sister

Came down with a great ear infection on Saturday...went to the hospital on Sunday morning. Found out there was a new meaning to RN (Rough Nurse). When I didn't think I could be in any more pain, this woman stuck her ear looking at thingy so far in my ear I thought she was trying to kill me. AND THEN, after she gave me some blessed percocet, but not long enough after for it to have kicked in, she decided to clean it out and then put in some drops. Really, lady. Have you or someone you knew never had an ear infection before? It felt like she was trying to shove a whole 11x17 sheet of card stock in my ear. With a ball peen hammer. The doctor came in to look, but he barely touched anything...maybe because by then I was crying so hard from Ms. Business-Like. Oh, and really annoying? Asking me questions while you were a) on my infected ear side, or b) while I was laying on the good ear.

I hate being sick like this for 4 days. It would totally be a vacation, except I can't move, not even to knit, and I can't get anything done! I was going to use my comprehensive leave for closing on the house and moving! At least now I can actually sit up and keep my eyes open for longer than 20 minutes at a time...I think it's nap time again.


The camera is dead, long live the camera