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I was poking around on starwars.com and found the most heart wrenching thing imaginable. A little girl who was dying of brain cancer was made a pink R2 unit as her last wish. Her name was Katie, and the R2 unit's name is R2-KT. I can't read this without crying. Or write about it or think about it. But I have to share.

R2-KT does charity work. This is her mission statement (from the web page):
"R2-KT's mission is to entertain children, raise awareness of pediatric cancer, and raise money for such charities as Make-A-Wish and Children's Cancer Fund. Her allies include the 501st Legion Star Wars costuming club, Zig the Pig (mascot for the Children's Chance) and the Palmetto Richland Children's Hospital."

An action figure of R2-KT was made and is being released at Comic Con this weekend.
Again, from website: "The figure will be a limited edition toy available only at San Diego Comic Con July 25-29 and online at hasbrotoyshop.com and at starwarsonline. All proceeds will be going to the Make-A-Wish Foundation with a projected benefit of over $100,000 to be raised from sales."


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