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Snark and soap

Sorry I was so snarky about the HP book the other day. I was extra defensive after listening to my office mates bash "people who stand in line for books" for about 45 minutes. I would get up and leave so I don't have to listen to them, but then I would never be in my cube. Can't just wear headphones, either, since I have to answer phones. Poo.

Mike quit smoking on the 13th. He's started to notice that things smell and taste better. (Not necessarily good when I'm cooking...) We went to do laundry Monday night. He was pulling stuff out of the washers so I could cart it over to the dryers, and he noticed this funny smell. He told me he thought maybe I left some chapstick or something in my pockets. I went through the load carefully as I put it in the dryer, and noticed the only pants in the load were Mike's. And I didn't find an empty or abused lip gloss container. He pulled out the next load, and I started putting it in the dryer...I noticed these clothes had the same smell as the last load. He was smelling the laundry detergent!

Here's a funny: The Real World: Darth Vader.
The last picture in the set is my favorite.