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It's not a new hobby, I swear!

I've picked up embroidery again...this time a little more seriously. How seriously? Well, I bought a book. And I haven't knit for about 4 days. Part of that was being sick, and when I'm sick all I do is read...but my point is, this is serious!

I don't know how I stumbled across it again...oh wait, yeah I do. I was looking at pictures of things people baked in the Knit N Bake group at Ravelry. One girl had a really cute napkin or towel in the background of her picture. I poked around, and someone asked her where she got the pattern....she got it from Sublime Stitching. Poked around, LOVE the patterns, and so I bought a book. I couldn't wait for the book, so I designed a couple of my own patterns. I made two bibs for a baby shower gift that is being mailed off today:

ice cream bibcupcake bib

My grandma Lori taught me how to embroider when I was 12...I think I started with a page out of my Muppet coloring book. I've used it on quilt blocks and such, but I'd never thought to make cute things. Or small things, really. (Modeling credits: Butternips Bear.)

What a day!

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