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What a day!

We went to Albuquerque this weekend...got back at about 5. At 7, I discovered we had frozen pipes in the laundry room. Not cool. Or rather, too cold. I smelled a bit of gas in the kitchen (no Jessi, you weren't crazy), and just now as I was flossing, my temporary crown fell out. Mike ran to the store to try and find some  dental cement. This is what I get for having good dental hygiene! I was even flossing it the correct way!  I'm glad this happened at 11 tonight, and not 12, since the sidewalks roll up then. Since it's a tooth that is still alive, when the crown is off it is all sensitive and suckfest. So yeah, I have the best hunny ever. Thank you hunny!! *muah*


It's not a new hobby, I swear!