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Why I love fountain pens

When you change cartridges, you get a lovely gradient from the last color you were using to the color of the new cartridge.

I love the little smudges of ink left on my finger from holding it too far down the barrel.

I love the little ink pools when I doodle. A little spot where the ink is a shade darker than the rest.

I love how smoothly the ink flows.

I love bottles of ink and pen converters.

I love that they come in a jewelry type box and not in a cardboard and plastic bubble.

Plastic pens aren't real. There's no attachment, no feeling with plastic pens. They're not fun to use, and they have no character or personality.  When was the last time you bonded with someone talking about Bics? Can you even talk about Bics? I didn't think so! There's nothing to talk about!

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