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Always a Fiesta

When I was a kid, I was snobbish about Fiestaware. Snobbish, as in, I'd be walking through Mervyns to get to the rest of the mall, and I see Fiestaware, and I'd sneer at it. Those stupid looking disc pitchers and the coffee cups with the super unpractical looking loopy handles. The colors weren't that great, and I never stopped to look at them. Plus, I had much larger issues on my mind, omg MALL!!

Well....I think Monica got some first, and then Kat got some, and I started researching the Fiesta ware. What lured all these collectors, and why do most people have super mixed up color schemes? I started to appreciate the design and the history, and also the ability to replace pieces one at a time instead of having to buy whole sets. What a good idea! How snazzy! And then we bought a house, and the peacock color came out. And there went my self control, right out the window. So, any time I have a little extra money lying around or I get a gift certificate, my thoughts immediately go to Fiestaware. For my day of bs, Mike's family sent me a giftcard to Amazon. Which is super awesome, since we get Amazon Prime, and I was able to relocate shipping funds towards more dishes!!

Thank you very very much for feeding my addiction, B family!

2009, the year of the Fiesta

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