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Site improvements! and! Good! News!

My lovely hunny finally finished my site updates! The archive is now available (Old Republic Archive, link in left sidebar) and now the add comment link appears on the front page! So now none of you have a reason to not comment. Seriously.

I had a super productive week too! I actually (gasp!) knitted things! And finished them! Woo! There's nothing more satisfactory than seeing a baby wearing something you made, I think. And I know a baby that needed more hats. Butternips Bear is modeling again, as the hats are in the mail to a very very cute little boy. And yes, that is a Jayne hat.

Baby Jayne hathat #2hat #3

And now for the good! news! Clone Wars has a release date! It will debut IN THEATRES August 15, 2008. And then it will be on TV. Jennifer, save up some leave! We're taking the afternoon off to go to Albuquerque!

I think I'm turning into a girl