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I think I'm turning into a girl

All I can think about today is shoes. And nail polish. And how all my spare money is going into trying to start a business, and all I want to buy is nail polish. Well, no more! I'm going to treat myself to one bottle of nail polish a week or something to that effect. Nail decals and rhinestones too. First on my list are these beauties:

Russian OPI Line


Linoln Park After Dark

Since I like to spread the blame, this one is all on you Jennifer. You and your evil Pat on Black. Now all I want to do is paint my nails. Mike, you'd better not sit still for very long! *insert evil laughter here.* My goal is maybe to collect one of each color found on All Lacquered Up. Except for some of the pastels.

And here is the new object of my shoe desires, the Dansko Tara.

Dansko Tara

The only problem is, what in the world would I wear with them? Oh no, I might have to buy new clothes! Hi Mr. Bush! Are you still planning on the tax relief credit? *batting my eyelashes* This could be my first step towards being a real live girl! Kind of. Maybe. Ish. Now where did I put that cuticle butter?


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