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Twistedhausfrau, come on down!

I held a contest a while back to name one of my products, an herbally ointment type stuff that's good for scrapes and icky skin. I didn't pick any of the commenter's suggestions...shortly after I posted the entry I came up with Moogie's Make It Better Butter. Since Moogie is my nickname for my mom, this is kind of a silly tribute. Anyways, I still wanted to give someone a prize. I assigned numbers based on who commented first, and then had my awesome random number generator, Mike, pick a number between 1 and 4 for me. He picked 3, so Twistedhausfrau (Ravelry ID) won! Congratulations Jaime!

I can has my fridge mojo back? Pleez kthanxbai!

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