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I can has my fridge mojo back? Pleez kthanxbai!

Oh sweet mother of cupcakes. We had three cute visitors last weekend, and they either

a) stole the fridge's mojo, or

b) the fridge is throwing a temper tantrum because they left.

The fridge has been under the weather...or, more appropriately, following the weather, since last Monday. I went to get a glass of milk, and instead I got a glass of nasty clumps. Not what I want to drink with a cupcake breakfast. Blech. So we've been doing the whole diagnostic thing for a week--vacuum it, wait to see if it works, keep the swamp cooler on all day, wait to see if it works, play with the little switches......on and on. So cleaning out the fridge has been an adventure...did you know pickles can grow mold? And that it looks vaguely like a brain? A green flowery brain.

Our freezer is partly working...it's performing the fridge's function currently, it's almost freezing things. So we have to limit ourselves to food that won't make us sick until we get the fridge figured out. No cold soda, no cheese, no milk, no ice. Really, the only thing that gets to me is the soda and ice problem. We have one more thing to try, and if it doesn't work, I'm calling a repair guy on Thursday (since I get that day off.) Oh, and to the people that stole our fridge mojo: please send it back. I can't make cupcakes! The world is so cruel.

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