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Unicorn barf and a contest!

Happy 4th blogiversary to me! (Four days ago. *cough*) I hadn't posted until now since I was so torn over what hoops I should make you guys jump through for prizes. Instead of making you dig through my site to figure out who my favorite bear is, I am going to make you comment. Yes, comment. (Oh! The horror!)

For every time you comment in the month of July, you will be entered to win one of three prizes. A fibery prize, a sewing-type prize, and a soapy prize. I've never had very many commenters. I think once I had four comments on one post. Usually it's closer to one or none. So shower me with comments peeps! Win something super cool!

I made something pretty awesome over the 4th of July weekend. It's the last tea towel I embroidered on the Ravelry Tea Towel Tour I started. I'm super proud of it, mostly because I used more than one stitch. (Stem stitch is my favorite and so versatile!!)

Fridge update:

I guess Maytag refridgerators have frequent problems with the Auto Defrost Board. That's what was wrong with ours, in any case. Mr. Maytag is now resting comfortably and chilling out.

Discussion suggestion for the comments:

What do you think unicorn barf would look like?

Jedi gym

I can has my fridge mojo back? Pleez kthanxbai!