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Con of Buboes

This weekend was the best summer vacation weekend as a grownup yet! We introduced Ben and Kat to Bubonicon (success! They're addicted now!) We saw some awesome panels, watched some cable TV (TLC home shows, how I missed you!) and got 2 books autographed by our favorite (as a couple) author. (We're always fighting over who gets to read the newest book first.)

Kat and I took William swimming for his very first time. His baby awesomeness just gets better. He really liked the water, and didn't cry or anything! As we were going back to the room after swimming, the elevator stopped to let someone in. It was a Klingon lady! She realized she needed to go down, and we were going up, so she got back out, but not before I made William put out his chubby little hand and say qapla! And she said "Qapla!" back and Kat and I almost died from the awesome cuteness.

The costume contest had a surprise guest! Darth Vader! Who apparently like babies, believe it or not. William was getting tired and fussy, so Kat took him to the lobby where the costume contest entrants were. A really nice lady there took pictures of Mr. Vader talking to my honorary nephew. He totally wasn't afraid or anything, just in awe.

(missing picture)

We went back up to te room after the contest since Mr. Willie Tables was getting pretty tired (who am I kidding, he was falling asleep at dinner 2 hours previous!) and guess who got in the elevator with us! After using the Force to summon us an elevator, of course. He turned on this breather in the elevator between floors for us. :D And I totally geeked out and clicked away for the ENTIRE elevator ride. I was short of breath by the time we got off the elevader. I was a lady, and kept my hands to myself, did not jump up and down and kept my squeee!-ing to a minimum. ;)

(missing picture)

As we were walking Kat and Ben out to their car, we ran into the Joker! William wasn't even scared of her, he just grabbed her nose. Thankfully there was barely enough charge left in B & K's camera to take a picture. Let this be a lesson to you all: never go anywhere at a convention without your camera, an extra set of batteries, and room on your memory card!! (I'll post a picture of that once I get it.)

On Sunday morning I got hennaed. I figured it was a great way to usher out the old job (did I blog about that? No? Well, I got a geology job (yippee!!) and this week is my last week). I've been looking at mehndi henna designs for embroidery pattern inspiration, and I had seriously considered just buying the stuff and doing it myself. I was beside myself when I saw that the face painter at Bubonicon did henna too. A bit pricey, but since it takes a while, is very pretty, and lasts a week or so, but totally worth the $15. She put glitter on it too. I'll be posting a picture of it with the henna washed off later. I love looking at it, it makes me very happy.

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