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Summer as a child

How do you remember summer as a child?

This question plagued me for days until this morning. I was making a peanut butter, honey, banana and raisin sandwich for me for lunch, and my mind started drifting. I started thinking about the open face sandwiches mom made for us (banana eyes, raisin mouth). And suddenly, it's like all my best summertime childhood memories came flooding back.  (This turns into a bad pun here in a second.) My favorite memories are from when we were outside. Sometimes we would go camping, we would go on road trips, swimming in creeks (pronounced cricks) or lakes, and my very favorite thing, we would take food up to the Libby Dam and cook and play. (Get it? Dam? Flooding? Ha!) We would make potato or macaroni salad, and get a big package of polish sausages and/or plain hot dogs, and go. Most times a picnic shelter would be available, and we'd cook our hot dogs there.


There were big floating concrete docks that we'd sit on and put our feet in the water. Sometimes the lake (Koocanusa) would be really low, and the docks wouldn't be open, but when they were, my sister and I would have splashing contests.  This place seems like where my whole family was the happiest. The air smelled like hot pine trees, dinner, and a little fishey from the lake. We'd drive home and fall asleep from playing so hard and eating a lot, and sometimes we'd sing along to songs on the radio. The one I remember most is Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini.  

 Today is the last day commenting will enter you for a chance to win one of three prizes. What are your fondest summer time memories?

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