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2009, the year of the Fiesta

Whenever I look at Fiesta ware online, I get a weird kind of vertigo. I get all woozy and and lose control of my debit card functions.

This sickness is communicable. I caught it from my friends, and now I am spreading it around good. My mom and sister are my next victims. *cackle*

My mom is looking at buying new dishes. The ones she wants are pretty, but they're not bright. I knew that I would be the ones purchasing them for her (online), so I started thinking. Maybe I should send her a taste of fiestaware. (I'm such an enabler.) You know, make sure that the dishes she gets are the ones she likes. So I bought and mailed her a place setting of scarlet fiestaware. Red is her favorite color, and I don't think there's anything better than brightly colored dishes. It arrives on the 14th of January. I'll post an update. This is my hypothesis:

I hypothesize that she will fall in love with it as soon as she pulls it out of the box, wash and reuse the same plate every day, get snappy if Andy attempts to use it,  beg me to hook her up with 4 more sets, and ask her kids to buy her more for special occasions. I will turn her into a fiesta-holic.

After all, when Monica bought me the Fiesta hostess set (the most dangerous set of them all), I pulled out the sugar shell, and immediately bought a sugar creamer set. Because I need to be able to use the sugar shell on something. I've wanted a sugar shell for months now, and I couldn't find a hostess set for my silverware. This is much MUCH better.







  The hostess set came with a little butter knife too.  I'd been planning on getting a french butter dish for years now, so on Monday (after thinking long and hard...2 whole weeks!) I ordered my french butter dish. Too bad Homer Laughlin doesn't make Fiesta butter crocks...*hint hint hint*








Since Kat and Monica both had babies this year, I couldn't pass on buying the babies these plates.

Every girl needs a shirtless Darth Maul

Always a Fiesta