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Cathartic little stitches

I figured a post exactly a month after I became a lady of leisure was the least I owed my blog readers (all two of you!) but it seems as though I've been seriously reticent in my blogging duties. For those of you who don't know what happened last month, I ended the misery that so defined my life by quitting my job.

Since then, I've been puttering around mostly, catching up on housework that had been abandoned long ago,  and scheming a lot. My crafting funds have been seriously depleted, so I've been using up some of my collection of fabrics and yarn. I've also finally been able to put into practice things I've wanted to do for a while.  The house is being vacuumed regularly, and the cat box is cleaned thrice weekly. We don't have to spend our weekends trying to catch up on chores anymore, so Mike gets to relax more. He also sleeps better, for the most part. Everyone in the house is healthier and happier, and it's totally worth the stricter budgeting and not paying off our debt as quickly. And I can't wait to have more time for gardening this year!!

So far on my vacation...

Every girl needs a shirtless Darth Maul