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So far on my vacation...

 Days I've been gone: 7

Nicknames I have come up with for my mom's cat: Gilly Gillespie, Gilly-deroy Lockhart, Gilly McGilacuddy

Incredible smells I have discovered: The BO sammich shop in the SLC airport

Diet Shasta Cream sodas I have consumed: 12

Albertson's Chocolate Chip Chookies I have consumed: at least 12. So tasty.

Awesome friends I've been back in contact with: 1.  And she's as awesome as I remember.

Cute babies I've seen: 1. It was awesome to meet you Rosie!

Number of Twilight books I've read: 2. I love them so far!

Number of episodes of Smallville I've watched: 8. I'm now done with season 3!

Times it has snowed: 3

Miles I've driven: 350

Number of times I've gotten lost in Bozeman: more than I'd care to admit.

New pieces of Fiestaware I've collected: 6 (4 peacock gusto bowls, 2 plum coffee cups)

Star Wars action figures my brother has given me: 4. Including an old school Kenner stormtrooper that is burly on top!

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